Friday, August 14, 2015

Lesson 2: Types of Tellers

Types of Tellers
Storytelling is an art form of infinite diversity in content, performer, setting, and style.

Storytelling in Education
These storytellers include teachers, counselors, and guest artisans who prepare stories specifically suited to the developmental needs of children, teens, and adult students.

Storytelling in Business

Any manager, trainer, or administrator can benefit from perfecting their ability to identify their company story, communicate that story to motivate, persuade and train customers or staff as to company value.

Storytelling in Health Care

Nurses, doctors, therapists and care-givers can all contribute to the health and wellbeing of patients, individuals undergoing treatment and those in recovery from serious concerns. Stories of courage, strength, and hope help patient and family deal with hard situations through humor, empathy, hope, and support. 

Storytelling in Religion (see Worship Arts tab)

Church school teachers, ministers, leaders can all use stories to bring a new dynamic to sharing the message of faith to people, community, and nation.  They can instill role models for positive social change and transformation and communicate possibilities.

Storytelling in the Home/Family

Families can teach members lessons of values, heritage, and team work through stories.

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